Wandering performance | 2014

"This cast-off skin is totally different from that other skin that our body has lost. They are divided in two. One skin is that of the body approved by society. The other skin is that which has lost its identity."暗黒舞踏, - Hijikata Tatsumi

In this context that keeps us at a distance from one another, which persists in desuniting us and drastically cuts off our clear-sightedness, we still have the gesture, and maybe the number. Without your voice and light to accompany our steps and light the way, we shall go nowhere.
On Friday April 11th, blinded and shackled, we’ll silently move forward all together, at any cost.

« Cette peau laissée pour compte est totalement différente de cette autre peau que notre corps a perdue. Elles sont divisées en deux : l’une est celle du corps approuvé par la société, l’autre est celle qui a perdu son identité. » | Tatsumi Hijikata

Dans ce contexte qui nous maintient à distance les uns des autres, qui s’acharne à nous désunir et ampute notre clairvoyance, il nous reste le geste, et peut-être le nombre. Sans votre voix et votre lumière pour accompagner nos pas et éclairer la route, nous n’irons nulle part. 
Le Vendredi 11 Avril, aveuglées et entravées, nous avancerons ensemble en silence, coûte que coûte. 

15th Festival Cinémarges| April 11th, 2014 | 
from Cinéma Utopia to Espace 29, Bordeaux, France 

Photos: Esther C.

[ RED BIND - Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman ]



Ken Unsworth, Five secular settings for sculpture as ritual and burial piece, 1975

'In the final 'burial piece' Unsworth's body, standing inside a glass box, was slowly covered with sand while his heartbeat was monitored and amplified. The audience listened while he was fully covered, until the dramatic conclusion when an assistant smashed the glass box with a sledge-hammer and the sand poured out onto the ground. Unlike his other settings, this was not so much a formal sculptural pose but an action sequence and one that was set up to be theatrical in its effect.'




Performance in Domestic Hallway ft Fake Plant : Incident, 2014



COINS - Alacoque Ntome (2014) // Kenya

"Its interesting how static objects, solid in form and even those made up of seemingly durable materials such as silver or gold are constantly sending out different signals in relation to the environment or time in which they exist or sometimes what angle the viewer is seeing or experiencing them from."